With a closed area of 35,000 m2 with expert staff of more than three hundred people, modular Furniture industry serves in the latest technology machines, cnc machines with tape and ergonomics in products by ensuring continuity of customer satisfaction with the production model with conveyor system. design, quality-price ratio and ecology concepts are prioritized.

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Since 1955, Çanakçıoğlu Group has been providing services in the fields of skeleton, berjer, soft group and modular furniture systems.
Çanakçıoğlu Group has taken a strong foundation of the group of companies, including today's shining star ASIR FURNITURE. Continuing its activities in the world market with success, Çanakçıoğlu Group continues to contribute to the national economy by working with many companies operating in the same field.
With over 35,000 square meters of specialized staff, our company is engaged in the production of wooden furniture and modular furniture. The latest technological machines, cnc machines, belt and conveyor system production model with the continuity of customer satisfaction, ergonomics, design, quality-price ratio and ecology concepts are prioritized.
Our production engineers, who are in search of innovation, aiming to meet the esteem of our esteemed customers, which keeps aesthetics and harmony together. The success of this goal belonged to you. .

"Feel yourself valuable because we think about it." Asir Furniture - The value is as much as love...